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These members are part of the Grand-Multiplayer Team and help out in varying ways.

  • Simply put, it’s a great hosting service.

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    Windows Server 2019 Standard Gaming Virtual Private Server

    We offer you latest Winndows Server 2019 for hosting your favorite applications, projects and our favorite game servers. Fast , Affordable, Powerfull Windows Server 2019 VPS For Production, Development and Hosting Perfect Solution to Host your Game Servers, Applications, Discord Bots, Websites and many more Remote workstation for you and your Team.
    Keep Your Data Secure with our in house solutions and Two-factor authentication that adds an additional layer of security.

    * Powered by SSD - Intel® Solid State Drives

    With SSD drives, each server operation is performed on the blink of an eye, be it a server boot, heavy program loading or bulk data copying. SSD powered server responses almost instantly. Read/Write Up to 500 MB/s… VPS boot 2-7 seconds.

    * Intel® Xeon® E-2136 Processor 4.50 GHz

    High-performance computing refers to computer usage that includes extremely complex and data-intensive programs. High-performance users are often engineers, researchers, programmers, gamers and developers. We make sure to use best performance CPU so your work won’t suffer anymore.

    • DDR4 ECC Memory

    • Anti DDOS Protection

    • Fast and Custom VPS Activation

    • Dedicated Support

    Our dedicated support team is available nearly 24/7 (We need to sleep as well) to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products. You can join our Discord Server for live chat or you can Open Support Ticket trough your Client Area


    You can relax and work on your projects or play your favourite game, while we take care and monitor our systems.
    We provide 99.9% Uptime guarantee.
    The remaining 0.91% allows us up to 45 minutes of downtime per week in case of hardware faliure, network or smilar issues caused by weather and software updates.

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  • Revision number: R002
    Last updated on: 08-10-2019 (DD-MM-YYYY)

    • Expanded Racism to also include Discrimination.
    • General clean up of how things are worded.
    • Added Piracy clause.
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  • Community Guidelines

    The rules as stated below apply to the general services as provided by Grand Multiplayer. These include the forums, discord, the client web services. Note that these rules may not apply to any servers after you have connected.

    • Racism & Discrimination
      Grand Multiplayer is an extension driven by people from all over the world. We all have different backgrounds. Racism & Discrimination, in any shape or form, is not allowed.

    • Server Names
      Server names are not allowed to contain any form of racism. Servers with racism in their names will have their server excluded from the provided server list.

    • Spamming
      Keep the forums clean. There’s no use for spammers here. This includes 1 or 2 word posts, This also includes posts that do not contribute towards the topic itself.

    • Advertising
      Boards for advertisements are there for a reason. You are only allowed to advertise in these sections of the forums, or in your forum signature.

    • Language
      Communication is important. We understand that you’d like to speak freely, however, we do have a few restrictions regarding the use of language.

      • Main language
        As this project is globally orientated, we try to keep it English where possible. Exceptions include:
      • Non-english sections
        Currently the discord server has multiple non-english sections. Within these sections, you’re allowed to talk either the language as stated or English when you see no other possibility to elaborate yourself in the stated language.
    • NSFW-content
      While GTA V is a game rated as 18+, our community, however, is not and thus we don’t want any pornographic or ‘extreme’ content on these forums.

    • Piracy
      Discussions or Distribution of cracked/pirated software is forbidden.

      Revision number: R002
      Last updated on: 08-10-2019 (DD-MM-YYYY)

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